Omar Belghaouti

Software Developer, Automation Engineer & Researcher


I develop software in general for mutiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and Android. I am also an Automation Engineer as well as a researcher especially in Deep Learning and Computer Vision. I am also an enthusiast in Electronics field more specifically with Embedded Systems.

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About me

A competent software developer with a proven track record in designing user interfaces in frontend and backend. I am also interested in Automation Engineering and Industrial Computing as well as deep learning, computer vision and data science. I am eager to be challenged in order to grow my development skills as I have the character of a long life learner. I aspire to be be the best version of myself.
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Dev skills

Programmings languages

  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Dart


  • Flutter
  • React native


  • .Net Windows App Form
  • Tkinter

Other tools

  • Git
  • Github
  • VScode
  • Visual Studio
  • Bash
  • Firebase


Automation Engineering

  • Optimal Control
  • Model Predictive Control
  • Adaptive Control
  • Non-Linear systems
  • Linear systems
  • Robotics
  • Signal processing

Deep Learning

  • Neural Networks
  • Hyperparameter tuning
  • Regularization
  • Optimization
  • Convolutional Neural Networks


  • Matlab
  • TensorFlow



  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • DSPic 33F
  • ESP 8266
  • Capacitors, resistors, inductors, DC motors, ... etc
  • Flip Flops


  • Buffers
  • Combinatorial logic
  • Sequential logic
  • Ohm's law!

Other skills


  • Find my photographs in console

Human languages

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • Polish

Android app for learning M68k assembly

Android app | Volunteer

This app is a learning tool to help students with understanding the M68k (hardware and software).

Java Android Studio XML

Automated cutting machine

GUI with Raspberry PI 3 | Mini project

The idea of this project came from a machine which cuts the iron manually, so we are developing this machine in order to work automatically, the user command it with a GUI in Raspberry Pi3 or an Android app, so he types the desired distance for cutting and the number of loops to do the same thing if necessary.

Raspberry Pi Ultrasonic sensor Python Tkinter Android Java

See project

Emgu World

GUI for Windows | Mini project

This project represents a GUI that contains the basic image processing operations using Emgu CV namely: Edge detection, Image binarization, Morphological operations, Text detection, Shape detection, Face detection and most importantly (that took longer time) hand detection.

Windows Form App .Net Framework C#

See project


Android app | Mini project

Android application that helps disabled people to get notified with their specific news and health tips.

Android Studio Java XML

See project

Python Complex

Package for Python | Volunteer

A package contains modules/classes for different operations on complex numbers.

Python pip package

See project


npm package | Volunteer

This command line helps you create components, screens and even redux implementation for your react native project.

Node Javascript React Native npm package